Rourke Advisory Provides Proven Strategies and Processes To Help B2B Software Firms Succeed

Software Marketing

To achieve commercial success, it is key that there be a clear marketing strategy that defines the target market, the product benefits and communication approaches to the market.  Our process evaluates what is in place and to pieces required to create awareness and interest to support the efforts of the Sales Team.

Software Sales

Our process analyses current product, processes and people.  Based on the analysis, we develop strategies and approaches to achieve success in the target market based on proven experience and success.

Managing Sales & Marketing with CRM

A CRM is a core tool today for a sales people to manage their pipeline and for marketing to execute communication strategies.   CRM tools are enablers (like a hammer for a carpenter), not solution.  They provide firms with the ability to execute their strategies and process.  Too many companies have deployed CRM’s expecting it to fix bad strategies and processes.  Rourke Advisory helps our clients execute their strategies and processes through their CRM.

A firm’s, CRM must help sales track opportunities and enable management to understanding the pipeline.  Workflow automation can help reduce manual tasks for sales people, so they can spend more time selling.  Workflows can also help ensure processes are consistent, enabling the sales to grow faster with fewer exceptions that can consume time and resources.

Rourke Advisory brings almost 20 years experience working with and deploying CRM solutions for clients as well as configuring Salentica’s own CRM to help manage and successfully grow sales.  We work clients and CRM deployment consultants to help gain maximum benefit for their sales and marketing groups from their CRM investment.

Software Brand Creation and Management

Building a recognised Brand can be a powerful component of a successful marketing strategy.  Brands with positive “mind share” with buyers automatically have an advantage in a new sale.  Based on over 30 years experience building product brands that became leaders in their target market, we assist firms in defining what they brand should be and how to communicate to build awareness

Software Firm Sale

Selling your software firm enables the owners to realize a return on your work while typically providing new growth potential.  A business broker will help find a buyer and negotiate the transaction.  But, what a lot of owners don’t realize is the sale process needs to start several years before to maximize shareholder return.   Based on practical experience building and selling two successful software firms, Rourke Advisory can provide a road map to help maximize firm value and reduce the potential for issues during the buyer’s due diligence to jeopardize a deal

Next Steps…

If your firm has a great software product and want to generate greater awareness in your target market, while helping drive success for your sales teams, we would like to have a discussion.

Our client’s success is our success.