Rourke Advisory Is Open for Business

After a short period of semi retirement, I am looking forward to get back to business and helping companies in an industry that I have spent most of my working life in.  The premise that Rourke Advisory has been founded on is that there are many innovative B2B software product companies that have their success limited by a lack of marketing and sales experience.  Many of the most innovative companies are founded by technologists.  They know how to build a great product, but not how to package and communicate to the market or sell across borders.   Traditionally marketing and sales have been learned by the firm’s Principals by trial and error.  Hiring senior sales and marketing resources is typically not possible due to budget constraints and the fact that many of the senior resources want to be part of an organisation that already has a proven product and defined sales processes

Through Rourke Advisory, I will be helping companies on a services basis to build marketing, branding and sales strategies to accelerate growth while reducing costly mistakes.  My practical experience in launching B2B software products in Canada and the US can help grow sales and help to enable additional funding rounds or ultimately a business sale.  Buyers want to see companies with successful products that show demonstrated revenue growth.