Creating Great Sales Presentations

To often you see a sales presentation in PowerPoint and the focus is for the sales person to tell their audience how great their product is.  But the presentation doesn’t engage the buyer.  As Dale Carnegie taught, the first steps in a sale are getting the buyer’s Attention and Interest.  Presentations need to be created to engage the buyer.  Many years ago, I saw a format that still works today and is built to engage the buyer.  It goes as follows

  1. Initial Benefit Statement – how does the solution address a problem the buyer has
  2. History of Problem – what is the problem the product addresses.  Ideally the buyer connects with the problem being addressed and wants to hear about the solution
  3. Solution – a high level description of the solution we are providing
  4. Features – an opportunity to talk about product features
  5. Benefits – how do the features translate to benefits for the buyer
  6. Objections – if we know some, its a good time to address before the buyer brings up, or just thinks about
  7. Rationale – an opportunity to talk about studies and facts that back up the benefits of our solution
  8. Summary – wrapping up
  9. Action – what is the next step for the buyer.  We want to create an action from the presentation and ideally get the buyer to commit to it, or agree on an alternative action.

Above is a great format.  If the buyer can relate to the problem being addressed, you have their interest and attention for the rest of the presentation