Selling a software business requires advance preparation to maximize the value realized for the shareholders and expedite the process. Rourke Advisory works on a fee for services model and can complement the efforts of a Business Broker even if a company is using a Broker for the sale process.

Buyers will look at the past several years of operations. Issues affecting value must be addressed prior to putting the firm up for sale, so as to not have a negative effect on offers. Your firm’s management team is focused on running the business and may not have experience, knowledge or time to deal with the issues that a buyer will be looking at.

Rourke Advisory brings practical experience from building and selling two successful software firms to large publicly traded firms to help our clients sell their software business. Our services include:

  • Reviewing the sales and marketing processes to identify potential issues that may need to be addressed in advance of a sales process
  • Reviewing the financial processes to identify any non GAAP issues that will need to be either addressed, or have appropriate explanations for a buyer
  • Identifying and reviewing the documents that potential buyers will request. The company can work on assembling the materials to be able to make available to interested buyers on a timely basis. In cases where specific documents need to be created, Rourke Advisory can assist in the creation of the content
  • Rourke Advisory can review client contracts, employment agreements and vendor agreements to identify potential issues that will need to be referred to the firm’s legal counsel
  • Working with management, or a business broker if being used, to prepare the Pitch Book and ensure the most salient points to the buyers are included
  • Augmenting a firm’s resources, when an offer has been submitted, to expedite the completion of the due diligence process
  • Working with a firm’s lawyer to leverage our experience in software product firm sales to provide input on the purchase agreement terms and obligations