Leverage Our Experience Building Software Companies

Rourke Advisory, founded by Bill Rourke in 2017, focuses providing advisory services for B2B software companies to help them achieve success and maximize their shareholder value.  We bring experience, knowledge and expertise based on years of building, operating and eventually selling software product businesses in the financial services industry.  We have experts in the areas of sales, marketing, operations and finance.

A successful software product company requires more than great technology.  Maximizing shareholder return, requires the sales, marketing and operations processes to be repeatable and scalable.

For companies looking to have their B2B software business acquired in the future, Rourke Advisory can help prepare the firm to be an attractive acquisition target for strategic buyers.  A company that has prepared for going to the market several years in advance, will attract more buyers and lead to a higher return for shareholders.

For companies looking to acquire a software business, Rourke Advisory can help execute the Due Diligence process to ensure a structured review of the firm and that issues identified can be covered in closing documents.  Rourke Advisory can also help plan the post close period to ensure people and intellectual capital are retained for the buyer’s benefit.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can provide software firms with enhanced capabilities for clients, new revenue sources and cost savings.  Successful implementation of BPO is critical to reduce risks and enhance shareholder value.  Rourke Advisory has the experience, knowledge and processes to ensure success.

Bill leverages over 30 years experience building two successful financial services software product companies into leaders in their markets in the US and Canada.  Both businesses were sold to large public technology companies and went on to have significant growth and employee retention under the acquiring firm.  Growth and success are assured by relying on proven best practices that have helped build successful software product businesses.

Terry also has over 30 years experience in the software products business and has worked in the sale and acquisition of product companies, including working through the integration of the acquired firm with the buyer’s processes.

Next Steps…

If your firm is looking to improve your software business to increase the value, looking to sell your firm, or looking to acquire a firm, contact us to discuss next steps.

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