For Sellers

Rourke Advisory works on a fee for services model and support the efforts of a Business Brokers that manages a company sale process.  If looking to sell your B2B Software business, preparing the firm for a sale well in advance will help maximize the value realized for the shareholders.  A buyer will look at the past several years of operations.  Issues affecting value must be addressed prior to putting the firm up for sale to maximize shareholder value.  In many cases, the firm’s owners are focused on running the business and may not have experience, knowledge or time to deal with the issues that a buyer will be looking at.

Rourke Advisory brings practical experience from building and selling two successful software firms to large publicly traded firms to help our clients

For Buyers/Investors

Whether purchasing 100% of a company, or making an investment, the due diligence process helps confirm the value and uncover any issues that impact the value, or that will need to be addressed post acquisition.  Many acquirers/investors come to the due diligence process with strong financial skills.  Rourke Advisory augments the financial review with an in-depth review of the target firm’s sales and marketing capabilities, including market position, branding and synergies with the acquirer’s product line.   We also go beyond looking at what exists today, but how will the acquired firm be integrated successfully so that anticipated synergies and revenue growth are realized.  Too many acquirers forget that a successful integration protects the investment in the acquired firm by retaining key staff, product knowledge, and clients.  In many cases the lack of integration process results in key staff leaving with their years of knowledge, shortly after the close of a transaction.

Post close integration takes planning, experience and effort.  Rourke Advisory brings the practical experience selling successful software firms to advise on how to ensure a successful integration of the acquired firm.