Bill Rourke 2016Bill’s Story

Bill has been a serial entrepreneur in the software products business.  Linian was founded in 1986 with two partners and built to be the dominant provider of portfolio accounting software for the fast growing mutual fund industry.  Linian expanded its product into related portfolio management markets including functionality to support Separately Managed Accounts.   Linian was sold in 1994 in an all cash transaction to Star Data, a Canadian public company.

Bill left Star Data in 1996 to found Salentica.  Salentica grew to be a leading provider of CRM solutions for Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and Wealth Managers with over 80% of its revenue earned in the US from many of the largest RIA’s.  Salentica created strategic product relationships with the major custodians that RIA’s relied on to help build the Salentica brand and awareness.  Salentica was acquired by SS&C Technologies, a large, publicly traded financial services technology provider in 2016.

At both Linian and Salentica, Bill’s focus and contribution was marketing and sales.  Bill has founded Rourke Advisory to help B2B software product companies accelerate their growth while reducing their risks by benefiting from Bill’s experience and knowledge building successful software companies

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