Achieving Success

A successful software product requires more than great technology.  A products company needs to define and execute its marketing strategy. In a B2B software environment sales needs to communicate the benefits and secure new sales. Growth requires the sales and marketing processes to be repeatable and scalable.

Rourke Advisory, founded by Bill Rourke, is focused on enabling B2B software companies to achieve success by developing the marketing, sales and branding strategies to become market leaders in their target market.

For companies looking to have their B2B software business acquired in the future, Rourke Advisory can help prepare the firm to be an attractive acquisition target as well as identify strategic buyers.  A company that has prepared for going to the market several years in advance, will attract more buyers and lead to a higher return for shareholders.

Bill leverages over 30 years experience building two successful software product companies into leaders in their markets in the US and Canada.  Both businesses were sold to large public technology companies.  Growth and success are assured by relying on proven best practices that have helped build successful software product businesses.

Next Steps…

If building the brand for your company and software product, while growing your sales is important to enhance the value of your firm, contact us to discuss next steps.

Next Steps